Friday, November 11, 2011

Raw Tacos- high raw when the family isnt

                                                                                  ~Spread by Penni Shelton

L.D., I was thinking about you for this one!

I have been giving a lot of thought to “How do I add more raw foods to my diet” People ask me that a lot. And its usually followed by “I am the only one in the house who is interested.” In my house, we do a lot of blended meals. Its easy for me to make a pot of pasta and a raw sauce. At that point, I can decide if I am having raw pasta or not. Another is taco night. Its SOOO easy to make raw fillings and then we usually have both taco shells and romaine shells. Ill post a few pictures. The impressive picture is the dinner that Penni Shelton made me. It was really a five star meal. But she didn’t slave away in the kitchen all day long either. If you want the recipes for these, go to Raw Food Rehab, there are thousands and thousands of recipes, and so much more. (Coming soon will be a blog about why I love RFR so much!)

More pics of less impressive, yet yummy and filling raw or mostly raw tacos...

Give me a romaine wrap, avocado and a tomato and call it a meal!  :)


  1. YAY!!! I think yours look amazing! We'll have another raw-rific dinner one of these days soon!!

  2. Aww, thank you Penni! I think maybe yours were made with more love! :) Looking forward to more days too!

  3. You girls better watch it. I may just have to "party crash". :) Love you both so much!