Saturday, November 12, 2011

Days past Meet Days Present

When I was younger. My first job outside of businesses that my parents had was working in a record store. 7th Heaven. When I started working there, it was a really strange time in my life. I was 17. I was out of high school, I was growing in ways that I had no idea. It really took me years to understand all that I learned in my time there at the record store. I met and worked with some really amazing people. People from different places. I was submerged into a life that was very different from where I came from. And I always smelled good. There was so much incense in that place, that I could wash  my clothes and still smell it. Wonderful. Nag Champa.
I met a guy there named Paul. I think we worked together for almost 2 years. He was full of life, happy, and just a good soul. At the time, I didn’t put much thought into “good souls” but I still knew that he had one. He was like an angel. Just.. the environment we were in was not always positive, but he was. He was a musician. And, he was newly in love. Well, I don’t know WHEN he actually fell in love, but the girl he started dating, was the girl that he married. Years later Paul died of cancer. I never got to see him again after my times with him at the record store. I never got to say goodbye or give him a hug or tell him how happy I was that he married his dream girl. I never got to do a lot of those things.
Keri, his wife is such an amazing person. I didn’t have contact with her till after Paul died. She is so strong and beautiful. I have often tried to put myself in her shoes, and I just cant do it. I don’t know how she is as strong as she is. She loves life. She is amazing.
My whole point here? Well, Keri just wrote a blog that really spoke to me. I always read what she has to write. I always learn something from it too. It could be about her or about me or about life, or it could just make me think. Whatever the case, I just wanted to say that you should read it too! This blog is just really right one with how I feel and where I am going. OFF to vibrating at higher levels!


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  2. Keri is one of my most beloved friends, and I couldn't agree with you more. She's amazing, and her positivity and zest for life amazes me everyday. I didn't know Paul that well, but I know he had to have been quite the guy to have snagged a girl like Keri. Peace to Paul, and I'm so glad Keri's in my life.