Thursday, November 10, 2011

Natural (homemade) Beauty Products

I am on a quest to:
A) Not put anything ON my body that I dont want to put IN my body
B) Make my beauty products with stuff that I mostly have in the house already, or that have dual purpose
C) As one woman put it "Stick it to the man" by not having to BUY beauty products

There are a few things that I have been doing or am trying that I like. And a few that Im looking for something better. Maybe you have ones you would like to share with me? I would LOVE it if you would!

DRY Skin Brushing
Maybe I havent been doing this long enough to SEE any results, but I dont see anything, except maybe that I dont need lotion anymore. Maybe thats from the brushing or maybe thats just from the diet changes.. Anyhow, I do this all the time cause it FEELS AMAZING! Ill keep up with it just cause it FEELS like a spa treatment. And maybe it is helping stuff along..

Raw honey as a face wash
 I put it on my face in the tub, leave it there for about 2-4 minutes then wash off with a wash cloth. My skin feels really soft, it seems to get a little tighter too, though I dont really NEED that, I suppose its a plus. My skin feels more even and less red. I love this treatment and use it everyday, and will continue to use it.

Raw Coconut oil as a moisturizer
 I use about the size of a pea or smaller. put on face. Feels oily for a while, but once it soaks in, its great! I have heard a few people (not many) say that it doesnt work for them, they have had success with jojoaba oil, which I have not used by itself on my face. 

Witch Hazel as a facial toner
I sometimes use witch hazel as a facial toner, since I have been using the raw honey, I havent needed it, but sometimes (probably 2 or 3 times a week) Ill use it to wake up my skin, just to get that refreshed feeling.

Coconut oil bath Soak
I put (apx) 2 TBLS of coconut oil in the tub and soak for a while. If I do this 2 or 3 times a week. I dont need lotion. I try to keep this out of my hair so it wont get greasy, but I  have seen some people say that they use it on their hair too.. (does NOT work well with my hair) My skin feels great and smells good too!

Homemade Deodorant
made from shay butter, coco butter, baking soda, sandlewood, and flax oil. This stuff when you mix it all up, smells SOOOOOO good. Ive been using this stuff twice a day JUST because it smells so good. Using it twice a day works great, im not sure about once a day cause I have never used it just the once. Im sold on this.

Homemade Toothpaste
Made from cocnut oil, tiny bit of baking soda, tea tree oil and clove oil. I LOVE the tea tree and clove oil, and in the past have put those in store bought natural toothpastes. However, this one makes my teeth really sensitive. Ive noticed that I can only use this a day, then the next day I have to use like a Toms Of Maine one or something. If anyone has a different homemade one that they use and like, let me know, I would LOVE to try a different one!

Baking Soda shampoo
Just mix 3TBLS baking soda with about 2.5 cups of warm water and mix and massage into hair, then rinse. Ive only used this method twice, and so far It did NOT take more color out of my hair that other natural shampoos, it did not make it softer but more corse, and it DID give it more body and it did bring out my natural wave, which I almost never see with other products. I followed the baking soda with Apple Cider Vinegar rinse, it seems nice, but I think I want to use this method for about 2 weeks before I can really say if I will keep it or not.

Relaxing Detox Soak
Epsom salt and ginger or another essential oil or fresh herb. Real hot water, SOAK. This has been one of my favorite things since I was about 12. Seriously, I love to soak for a while, it clears my head. Especially when the tub smells good.

Please share what you are using,  what you like, what you dont, etc. Im really looking to make my tub into a SPA. I have 2 young girls, I dont get out all that much, and I am really trying to make the most out of my relaxing time, not to mention pocket book!

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