Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dara Dubinet inspires me (Today with her Ginger and Turmeric Tea)

When I was 17 and working at the record store one winter, I got really sick. I was working with this girl Jennifer who told me to go home and soak in a really hot bath with half a cup of Epsom salt and half a cup of fresh sliced ginger. I did. It changed my life. THAT was THE moment that I thought “What else can I do to heal myself naturally?” I had already been a vegetarian for 5 years, but I had not evolved that much into self care/prevention. That time when I was sick, through jennifers help, is one of my defining moments in life. I never looked back.

I began at first to look at the healing powers of ginger. I think its most commonly used for settling a stomach, though this was not what I first learned about it. Here are just a few uses.

Immune system stimulant
A digestive stimulant and anti-nausea food
strong anti-histamine that stimulates upper respiratory circulation
 powerful anti-inflammatory when applied to burns, blisters and achy joints 
linked to easing migraines
Topical application of this anti-fungal root can cure athletes foot
 anti-arthritic benefits reduce aches and pains, as well as inflammation through both internal and external application
Ginger’s anti-tussice (cough) effect rivals that of codeine
 anti-coagulant benefits to guard against blood clots, preventing heart attacks
Ginger is a warming stimulate that gets our blood pumping and circulating in a way that cleanses our skin, bowels & kidneys, normalizes blood pressure, eases lung and throat congestion, supports our nervous system easing depression and chronic fatigue, increases a low libido and fertility.
(Source: Rena Unger-Holistic Nutrition Chef)

Today I want to share with you a ginger and turmeric tea made possible by the amazing Dara Dubinet. If you are not familiar with Dara, check out her youtube channel. ( She is a wonderful, kind, amazing woman who is on a mission to help us all be healthy. She recently posted a video about this tea, and it sounded interesting. 

First lets look at some uses for turmeric... It is widely used for rheumatoid arthritis. It is helpful in preventing many kinds of cancer and tumors. It is anti inflmitory. It not only helps with dementia, it actually can help prevent it too! As you can see, this is another root to consider adding into your life. Those are just a few of its benefits, there are many, many more!

Here is how I made Daras Ginger Turmeric tea:

Grate ginger and turmeric (or use powdered turmeric if you don’t have fresh)
Press the grates into a tea strainer and extract as much of the juice as possible
Add a spoon of raw honey
Add how water
Stir and enjoy. It tastes wonderful!
Here is the link to Dara’s video for this also!

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