Sunday, January 22, 2012



I made a variation of some awesome maca pancakes! They turned out really well, I like them a lot, but they ended up taking so long in the D that I dont think I will make these too often. Also, because of the consistency, I am not sure how long they will keep. In this house, we will have them for a day or too is all, so its good for us. The recipe I adapted also had a cream sauce, we didnt make that, we just used a dolop of honey on top. 
The recipe called for 2 cups of nuts, so I used 1 cup of nuts and 1 cup of diced yellow squash from the garden. It also called for irish moss, which I didnt have, so I used chia seeds. (I also ended up not using the mango, I used a peach that we got at the orchard the other day.)

 The picture I saw of these, they put the cakes in a tower, and each cake was topped with the cream and fresh fruit, it was so pretty, but in my house, the food wont stay on the plate long enough to make it pretty!

This recipe was very highly adapted from
 You should check them out and make your own! Her sight is amazing, I have made a few things and loved them all. Her stuff is more gourmet than I usually make, but if I was doing more gourmet, I would use her blog more often. What raw creations are you making today?


  1. How much chia seed? did you grind it first? and I'm assuming you peeled the squash and peach? how much maca? ... okay, I'll go check out her site now- thank you for posting, even though I won't be able to try them until April! omg, that sounds so far away!! :O

    1. You can grind seeds or not, I usually do, so I did. :) and the amount is really going to very depending on how wet your other ingredients are. Start with 1/4 C and mix in and see what the consistency is like. I believe I ended up using close to 1/2 a cup. I wanted my batter to be just a bit thicker than a regular pancake batter.