Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hemp Mylk

This recipe is just about one of the easiest things you can make...

1/2 cup Shelled Hemp Seeds
3 Cups water

Place both in a blender, blend away till smooth, strain out the fibers from the hemp, whats left is your unflavored mylk. I usually add a little raw honey to mine to make it a bit sweeter, and often I will add a little vanilla. You can flavor the whole batch or a cup at a time, just put back in the blender with your flavorings.

For thinner milk, just add more water. 

*you can use another kind of nuts or seed instead of hemp. I like cashew, sunflower, almond and brazil nut mylks also.

**you can flavor however you want. Try vanilla or cacao or even fresh strawberries! (or blueberries) its really endless, just strain the little seeds and fibers out if you are using berries.

***I use a nutmilk bag to strain, you can use one of those, a paint strainer (thats really cheap from the home depot) or a mesh strainer.

****Since this is a raw mylk, you will want to drink it within a few days, and shake before using also.

***** Soak your nuts or seeds and strain prior to use!


  1. I've made almond and cashew milks before - but never hemp. :-) How would you compare the flavor to say...Almond? How about the cost?

    1. I like cashew milk a lot, but one of my favorites is sunflower seed milk, its very mild and also I think it is the most cost effective. I think they all have their own taste, but you can change the flavor with a little honey (or maple syrup that you make!) and vanilla or something.