Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Homemade Dish Soap

I had this recipe for home made dish soap for a long time. I made it, and it didn’t work for me. But I kept it, cause I didn’t want to throw out my castile soap I had used! I was hoping that one day, I would come across another soap recipe that worked for me, that I could add the other batch too. Well, that day has come! This is a little different how I put this together... But still easy as pie!

The NEW recipe calls for “water” as the liquid. For 2 cups of the “water” I used this:

Dish Soap
2 cups water
1/4 cup castile soap
5 drops orange oil
5 drops lavender oil

The NEW recipe:
8 OZ. grated bar soap (*or 8 oz leftover soap crumbs)
6 cups of water. (2 cups old recipe, 4 cups new water)
Optional: 3tsp essential oil

To make:
Grate the soap (I used my food processor…)
Put about a qt or 2 of water in a pot, add the soap grates, melt all soap grates, stir as needed
Transfer melted soap to a bucket, add the rest of the water, mix very well, let sit 10 hours. 

After 10 hours, mine was way to thick, so I added another 3 cups of water and let it sit again. At this point mine is still pretty thick, but I like it! After you think you have the consistency you want, test it out! Mine is like slime. :)

Ive bottled some in a pump to use in the kitchen, and I have put the rest in 2 gallon buckets (It’s a bit over a gallon left after I filled my pump, but just in case it gets to thick and I need to add water, Ill have space to do that) 

 I cut my 2 bars to make it easy to put in the food processor.
 consistency after sitting.

 Mix it up to see how thick it is.
Use a funnel to pour this (slowly) into your containers. 

Overall, I was a bit skeptical of this one, but it works GREAT! My dishes are SO CLEAN! And this was easy to make, there were some hiccups (the first failed recipe) and next time, I may just add some castile soap to this second recipe and start off with the extra water added and call it a day. I hope you will try this! I think the total cost I spent (Including the castile soap) was probably under $2 for over a gallon of soap.

Here are some soapy dishes waiting to be rinsed off. 

* Save the little pieces of your bar body soap, when you get a collection of them, you can cut them into crumbs and use them to make liquid dish soap or liquid body soap. Re-purpose your soap! 

**Side note, take some of that extra soap, add a few tablespoons of honey and/or coconut oil, and use it for body soap that wont dry out your skin! J


  1. I had a question, does the 1 or 2 quarts you use to melt the soap flakes count as the 6 cups of soap the recipe calls for? I just don't understand how much water this needs.

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  3. Yes, that counts into the total for the liquid.

    I actually recently learned how to make castile soap and have been using THAT as a base for dish soap too! Its actually pretty similar too. You take a bar of castile soap (8 OZ bar) grate it (again I used the food processor) and you mix it into 1 gallon of water (I used 3QTS and that was perfect for me) then you put it in a large bowl and iet it sit for 24-48 hours to set. Then stir it and add more water if you need to. THIS is a great base for lots of things. I make lots of household cleaners that I use this in. Let me know if you have any more questions and I will try to answer a little sooner...