Monday, February 6, 2012

Raw Brownie Truffles

Raw Brownie Truffles
Makes 25-30 truffles

1 Cup Walnuts
½ Cup raisons
½ Cup pitted dates
2T cacao powder
Ground cinnamon for topping
Ground coconut for topping
Any other item for topping
*I find the dates make these sweet enough, but add your sweetener if needed.


Put the nuts in the food processor and process till a flour
(here is partial processing)

Add the dates and raisons and process till a dough forms
Add cacao and process till well incorporated

pinch of bites of dough, make into a ball, roll in topping of choice

 these are rolled in cinnamon. The cinnamon is absorbed pretty fast, but, its worth it, they taste so good!

These are SO yummy! Some other topping ideas could be:
Ground nuts
Dehydrated, powdered fruits (strawberries would make these so pretty!)
Cacao powder
Cacao nibs
Ground goji berries
Mix of cinnamon, cayenne and bee pollen

These are a HUGE hit with the kids too!


  1. Breaking my fast tomorrow!! See blog for reasons why. I ordered those rice papers and they came in today- woohoo- can't wait to try those wraps you posted! Where do you get vegan hot sauce? cannot find :(

    1. We get the hot sauce locally. I think its just chilis and water with a little spice. You could easily just add some red pepper flakes or cayenne to it though if you cant find one! Our regular grocery store sells a lot of local products in it also, which is nice! Good luck on breaking the fast!